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Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal therapy, simply means removal of infected nerve from the tooth and restoring it to functional and comfortable state.

There are many reasons that a root canal may be needed, but the most common cause is the carious process (uncontrolled tooth decay), which penetrates the tooth structure into the pulp of the tooth.The pulp contains blood vessels, nerves and lymph tissues needed for the tooth be healthy. Other causes include a fracture that exposes the pulp, traumatic injury such as a blow to a tooth, a cracked or loose filling or repeated fillings in a tooth and gum disease. The pulp becomes irritated and an abscess can occur, causing pressure and pain. Also drinking anything hot can cause pain, due to expansion of gases in the abscessed tooth. Eventually the pulp dies, causing the surrounding bone to be destroyed and producing a fistula (pimple on your gum near the tooth) draining pus from the abscessed tooth.

The root canal procedure usually extends over two visits, antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications are usually prescribed for a certain duration.The canals are filled with biocompatible material (gutta purcha), which is a natural rubber material. It not allergenic and contains no metal. At the completion of treatment, a crown should be made for the tooth to prevent it from fracturing.

Root canal therapy is effective and saves teeth. It has about 90 to 95 % success rate, depending on the initiating factors.

If it is impossible to perform Endodontic (root canal therapy) treatment, the tooth is usually extracted.

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